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Sat 22 February 2020
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Sardinian tradition and quality



On Sardinia, the island at the centre of the Mediterranean that is awash with wonderful flavours and aromas, the natives have a unique vision of how to make and serve pasta - a vision not found anywhere else in Italy.

Authentic Sardinian pasta uses shapes that are exclusive to this part of Italy.
Malloreddus is perhaps the most well-known form of Sardinian pasta, since it has been imitated by global manufacturers such as Barilla.

Sardinia is also renowned for its typical fresh pasta, such as Sardinian ravioli filled with ricotta cheese, which are a symbol of this agropastoral culture.
Sardinian ravioli provide an outlet for the natives' creative flair, with a great deal of imagination going into the choice of filling and the shape.
The various types of Sardinian ravioli are accompanied by a wide range of condiments, though they are never complete without a dusting of Sardinian pecorino cheese.

The typical Sardinian ravioli offered by SARDISSIMO are made using fresh, authentic ingredients and are very much in keeping with the true culinary traditions of the island.

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